How to order SitnSail wings: 

Our SitnSail wings are available only in Black.

Please note: Our SitnSail wings can be ordered without the fiberglass seat. This may be a good option for international customers and those that want to save on shipping. If ordering a set of SitnSail wings without the fiberglass seat, we recommend using an industrial structural fiberglass. We will include a small cross-section sample of the type of fiberglass material that we use.

We suggest cutting your wing seat to 8 feet in length. Use the images on our website as a guide for placement:

Also, when emailing us to place your order, please make sure to let us know what year your Hobie was manufactured. If your Hobie 16 was made after 1995, we will need to send you an adapter kit because those Hobie 16s have a smaller bolt hole (3/8th) on the trampoline pillar.

SitnSail Hobie 16 Wings - $1400.00
Shipping & Handling - $95.00

Please note: There is no price break for SitnSail wings ordered without the fiberglass seat. We only offer this option mainly for international cutomers that want to save on expensive shipping costs or for those that want to use a different material or set up.

Please allow 10-14 days for delivery. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Money Orders, and Paypal.

To order, please email us at: